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A Daily Oracle Card – Freedom

A Daily Oracle Card – Freedom

Good morning, I pulled a card for your today – Freedom.

By tuning into this card, this is what my intuition says: What is keeping you stuck? What is it that you want to change?

Sometimes we think that we are stuck, and we find it challenging to break free. I have learned that it’s sometimes our own belief that is keeping us from not moving forward as well as the circumstances we are in this moment.

It’s not always that easy to break free, take a risk, leave or move somewhere else. It needs a plan and preparation.

The time is now to dig deep and figure it out. You can do it. Your Angels and guides are with you. Supporting you to find your wings and fly. ~ Cath B

Image: Cath B

Oracle card: Freedom from Sacred Destiny Oracle by Denise Linn.

You Got This

You Got This

During these unprecedented times, you might feel scared and anxious.

You are isolated and have no one to hold you close.

Watching the news makes you feel even worse.

People are posting on social media; they seem to have the time of their life; they can finally write their book, be crafty and creative.

They are spending time with their children and enjoy homeschooling.

It’s not a wonderful time for everyone.

You may have lost your livelihood or even worse; a loved one.

I want you to know, and to remember that whatever you are facing right now – You got this ⚡️

You are stronger beyond measures, and you will get through these challenging times. 🙏

Take one day at the time.

Unplug from the news and social media.

Read a book 📚

Write in your journal ✍🏼

Light a candle for a loved one 🕯️

Reward yourself for being brave 💖

You Got This 🙏

With love, Cath B.

Image by Cath B