All I want to feel is Joy

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“All I want to feel is Joy” – This was my first thought that popped up in my head this morning. I then decided to watch Doreen Virtue’s latest video on Youtube, and blimey; she mentions the word “Joy” – and that joy is written in the Bible 333 times. Which for me was a bit spooky because 333 is the number I see quite a lot. 333 is a magical number…but I wasn’t aware that joy was written 333 times in the Bible. I decided a few years back that it’s my sign; so whenever I feel lost or need direction; I ask the Universe for a sign and the Universe always deliver.

Back to joy – At the moment I am tired of feeling stressed. I feel that I put a lot of pressure on myself regarding my business, and what I want to achieve. To to be quite honest – I do not want to push anymore, I am tired, and I have begun to ask myself: why do I push and stress? I cannot rush things – deep within I am truly aware that it doesn’t work like that. Why not just be calm, and live in the present moment? That is all I want. Feel the joy and be happy. I have everything that I need. I am surrounded by love and I’ve got my health. All is well. 

What else do I need? Money? Success? Fame? Recognition?

I am aware of why I am here, and I do not need the pressure. So as of today; I follow my joy and I go with the flow.

Therefore my advice to you my lovely; relax, do what you love and what brings you joy. Share, give, trust, allow to receive and just be – the rest will follow.


Cath B.

Art by Jolanta Krawczak

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