An update regarding my health

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I went for my appointment at the hospital on the 9th of March and once again it was a bit overwhelming. For the last two weeks, I had been preparing myself for this conversation and thought that it would be a discussion about having a hysterectomy or not. But it wasn’t.

I was told that because of my complex history with surgeries (colon resection, colostomy and stoma reversal) I cannot have an operation because it’s too dangerous for me.

I also had a biopsy done (my poor uterus – that hurt) and she booked me for an MRI in six weeks, and blood tests were done last Monday (to check if there’s an increase of cancer levels).

A lot to take in and I’ve been a bit emotional and overwhelmed lately.

However, I am grateful that I’m getting all the tests done and my doctor said that she needs the full picture before deciding what the next plan of action will be. Which makes sense. I just feel that waiting is the most difficult part but I understand its purpose, and I keep my mind occupied with my mentoring, writing and guidance.

Supporting and guiding others brings me such JOY.

Have a lovely evening and remember that your life is right here and right now. Get out there and share your gift with the world. You are much needed.

With love,

Cath B. 💖

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