Endometriosis – “But You Don’t Look Sick”

Endometriosis – “But You Don’t Look Sick”

-But you don’t look sick is a common phrase for women with an invisible illness.

What you don’t see underneath her smile is her pain, her sleepless nights, her hospital visits, operations and scars.

You don’t see her when she struggles to get out of bed or when she is so unwell that she has to call in sick at work.

You are not aware of the side effects of her treatment, her fatigue or her infertility.

Over the years she has lost friends, relationships and employment.

She has fought to be understood, and there are times when she felt so alone.

Always had to explain herself.

She was exhausted.

Suffering from her illness was one thing she could cope with, but fighting a battle with others who did not believe her was not worth it.

Eventually, she became aware that if someone could not accept her or believe her – there was no need for her to explain herself.

Today, she knows her truth, and as well as her worth.

Her illness will never define her.

On the contrary, it will only make her stronger.

By Cath B Akesson

Trust your intuitive calling

Trust your intuitive calling

Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one – your soul journey will challenge you, scare you and test your limits.

Nevertheless, I can promise you that it will be worth it.

It took me almost six months to decide if I was going to take a leap into the unknown and move to the UK. It was not an easy decision because I had just been through lifesaving operations and lost my beloved mother as well.

I have to admit that I had days when I hesitated and thought to myself that perhaps it’s better to stay put in my comfort zone.

I asked myself:

-“What are you doing, Cath? You can’t just give up your life in Scandinavia. You have a good life here in Denmark. Your friends and family are just a short train ride across the Oresund bridge. You have a nice flat in Copenhagen. You can get a regular job here and earn good money.”

However, I couldn’t resist the intuitive calling. It was intense, and it didn’t leave me alone. I just knew that it was time to relocate and do something different.

Today, I am relieved that I trusted my gut feeling and took the leap.

I have learned so much about life and myself, and I am grateful for everything – yes, everything! The good, the bad, the challenging situations – the ups and downs as well as the extraordinary blessings.

Always trust your intuition my lovely – she will lead you home.

Written by Cath B

Graphic by Cath B

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Writing is good for the soul

Writing is good for the soul

Writing in my journal is one of my daily morning routines. It helps me to focus and to stay connected with my inner soul and spirit.

It’s a tremendous opportunity to be still and ask the Universe for support.

I feel that the Universe and Spirit always deliver – it’s always there. To listen and give us healing and guidance.

Sometimes, I have conversations with my inner self. I ask myself questions, and I let the words flow.

When I read it back to myself, it sometimes feels like it’s not my own words. Occasionally the words written are so deep and profound; almost like another force was present and guided me.

It’s a beautiful experience, and I trust that the words are for my highest good and my path forward.

I highly recommend it.

With love,

Cath B

Graphic & Photo by Cath B

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