Cath B Akesson

Back Home In The UK After A Visit In Sweden

We are back home after a lovely week in my hometown Malmö, Sweden 🇸🇪

Sometimes a rest from your ordinary routine is exactly what you need to regain clarity and connect with your Spirit 🌟

We had coffee and cinnamon buns, met up with my best friend Charlotte, had drinks in town, enjoyed the company of my dad and his partner Jola.

Another thing I truly treasure is walking up the hill to the Bridge.

It’s just a few minutes away from my dad’s home and it’s where I, as a child grew up.

The Bridge that connects Sweden to Denmark is special to me.

It was a part of my life journey and helped me to take a leap of faith and move to Copenhagen.

Everything that I went through and learned in Denmark was necessary for my next dream and purpose – to relocate to the UK.

Everything is connected and will lead you forward.

With love, Cath B 🌟💖🌟