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Category: Inspiration

The shift is emerging

There is a shift in the energy around you. It’s a positive shift and you can feel that it is changing you, as well as your world to something better. Something you have yearned for because your road has not been easy. You may have wondered why you haven’t...
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You are worth happiness

Do not focus on negative thoughts; they are not real. You have made it through and you may not see it as of yet, but there will be a positive outcome for you. Give yourself some time to heal, and be kind to yourself.   Take care of your body,...
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Go ahead with your new plans

Pay attention to your ideas and your thoughts. It’s time for you to start a new project/business/career or even make a life-changing decision. Do not dismiss your ideas, you can create something extraordinary and you have felt it for a while, and it’s time. You need to be patient...
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