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Today, I’m sending you love.

Today, I am sending you love. K√§rlek is love in Swedish. Love is all that is and all that we truly need. Love is energy; it’s all around us. Love is trust, caring and compassion. Love is grief, and love is letting go. Remember that love is a powerful...
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A chemical menopause

Sometimes all you need is to sit on a bench, in a park and watch the birds. Today, that was what my body and soul craved. Because I am 47-years-old, and my body is crashing into menopause. I’m getting a GnRH injection every month (a type of drug which...
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Endometriosis – “But You Don’t Look Sick”

-But you don’t look sick is a common phrase for women with an invisible illness. What you don’t see underneath her smile is her pain, her sleepless nights, her hospital visits, operations and scars. You don’t see her when she struggles to get out of bed or when she...
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A necessary break

I took some time off social media and my blog because sometimes life happens, and you need to focus on what truly matters, which is your health and your loved ones. My health has been a significant issue for me, and it still is. Living with severe illness and...
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You Are A Powerful Woman

“You can do this – you are a powerful woman.” Encouraging words from the endometriosis specialist after we had our conversation about my ultrasound, MRI, biopsy, and upcoming surgery. Which was quite nice actually – he did try ūüôā Now the waiting begins and I am trying my best...
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My consultation with the Endometriosis specialist

I finally get to see the Endometriosis specialist at the hospital last Friday 8th of November. I was referred back in April and it has been a long and anxious wait, because it took me seven months to get an appointment. I’ve been worried to see him and it...
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On This Day – 10 Years Ago

24th of April 2009. Ten years ago. My life changed in a way I never could have imagined. I had a life-saving colostomy operation due to a twisted colon that was about to burst. It was caused by a mass of endometriosis. On the same day, the unthinkable happened;...
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An update regarding my health

I went for my appointment at the hospital on the 9th of March and once again it was a bit overwhelming. For the last two weeks, I had been preparing myself for this conversation and thought that it would be a discussion about having a hysterectomy or not. But...
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An Update Regarding My Health

I found out on Thursday 14th of February that I have a 6.5 cm (2.5 inches) cyst on my right ovary (that can rupture at any time according to my doctor), three fibroids in my uterus and my Mirena coil had slipped into my cervix. A lot to take...
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Varför flyttade jag till England?

Redan som ton√•ring k√§nde jag att jag ville flytta till England. Jag k√§nde mig aldrig riktigt hemma i Sverige, k√§nde mig alltid lite som en utomb√∂ling och att jag inte passade in. L√§ngtade bort… F√∂rst√•r idag att det nog handlade mycket om min sj√§lvk√§nsla (som inte var speciellt bra)...
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