Let go

2019-11-03 Cath B 0

Sometimes you hold so tight to a relationship, job or location that it’s stopping you from moving forward. Deep down you already know that it […]

You have always known

2019-10-20 Cath B 0

Honour your worth and your truth. You know, and you have always known that you cannot follow anyone else’s lead. It is not you. You […]

You Have A Soul Mission

2019-08-26 Cath B 0

I want you to know…that you have a soul mission. It’s emerging. Slow and steady. You have always felt different, you have repeatedly had an […]

Spiritual Signs

2018-12-28 Cath B 0

Spiritual signs are all around you. Open your heart and your soul to believe as well as receive. ~ Cath B Akesson Have you noticed […]