Feedback from clients (tarot and mediumship readings)

I had an amazing reading with Cath! She told me things that my father used to say to me word for word!! It gave me shivers!! And to have such a reading for such a good price is amazing. Shows your passion Cath. Thank you. She also told me things that I’ve been feeling.. no one knows!! I hope you will get more recognition Cath. xxx ~ Carol

Cath is amazingly intuitive! Every reading I get from her is spot on! She is so compassionate with her writing, especially with delicate subjects. She is so tuned into the universe, I know she is getting her messages from a Higher Source. I trust her to read for me and I highly recommend her to everyone. I am a repeat customer, she never disappoints with getting messages from Spirit to me. Thank you for your services, Cath! ~ Courtney

Thank you so much for taking the time to do my reading, I am over the moon with it and feel a lot of positive things yet to arise, I think you got my mindset spot on. Once again thank you. ~ Louise

Thanks for the reading. I love how easy it is to contact you, and you are the right person to talk to. ~ Claire.

Thank you Cath, your insight and advice are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your kind words and compassion. Take care! ~ Cheryl

Thank you so much for this reading Cath. You got back to me straight away, and you are coming from a very clear and loving place. The reading has lifted my spirits to no end. Bless you. ~ Rana

I love Cath! She is so kind. Her readings are always accurate and help answer any questions I had. Highly recommend. I’m a repeat buyer. ~ Jennie

You are so awesome. Everything you said is absolutely correct. You hit the nail right on the head. I really appreciate your insight…I will definitely be a repeat customer. Many blessings to you! ~ Wendy H

Cath is wonderful! So much thought goes into her readings. Very accurate and informative. She really takes the time to understand what it is that you would like to know. Definitely worth your time!! ~ Dayle

I consulted Cath regarding a relationship problem and she was incredibly accurate in her analysis of my partner and our issue, just as if she knew him. Additionally, she was correct about the outcome of our situation and she’s a very kind, insightful and accurate reader. I will definitely purchase readings from Cath in the future. Thanks! ~ Sara

Oh Cath, you choked me up as you are so accurate with everything you said. I have already decided that I want to move from where I am both in my life and where I live. To move and leave a lot behind is exactly what I want to do. I am so happy with your reading even if it did make me choke up. Thank you so much. ~ Amanda

As always Cath gave me a super heartwarming reading, gave me goosebumps reading it. Thank you xx. ~ Amanda

Great! Super clear insight. Very happy, thank you for your time. Very caring and nice lady. Highly recommend.  ~ Lena

Thanks, Cath, for your very interesting and intuitive reading, which once again resonated with me on many levels. I’ve had several readings with Cath over the last few years and in everyone, there were parts of it that have been uncannily accurate in either reflecting things going on in my life or events which subsequently happened. She’s a natural. ~ Stephen

Cath has an intuitive gift. My reading was thorough and on-point, even down to some of the exact wording she used. I would recommend her and will be back again.  ~ Amber

Thanks, Cath for the inspirational words. I really need it at the moment. ~ Minnie