I used to feel lost and confused

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I used to feel lost and confused. Felt like I didn’t belong. I wanted to move abroad but didn’t know how. I wanted to do so much with my life, but never realised that I was supposed to live and embrace life in the now.

What changed? After a lifesaving colostomy operation (due to a twisted colon and endometriosis) and losing my mother the same day; my whole life transformed. The person I thought I was disappeared, and I had to rediscover and rebuild my life again. Which was not easy, however, I know that the operations that I had, the long and painful recovery were all part of the journey to where I am today. After all, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. During my recovery I began to listen and trust my inner guidance, the source and my soul.

I became aware that it was time for a new beginning and taking a leap of faith; I relocated to the UK in August 2010. I wasn’t afraid to take a risk, and I trusted that my intuition was correct.

Surviving illness and experiencing grief has made me even more compassionate and receptive to the suffering and troubles of others. I feel that the more we love, explore, learn and trust; the closer we get to our authentic self and the source.

I found my purpose and now I am filled with JOY, I feel inspired and I know that my life has a meaning. I help others to do the same and move forward. I know that you have everything within you; all the courage and the strength and it is never too late to start over and rebuild your life.

Lots of love and courage, Cath B 💖

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