1:1 Intuitive Mentoring

There is no telling what you can accomplish when you connect with your soul and take inspired action. Let me guide and support you on your journey.

1:1 Intuitive Mentoring Session

£99 / 60 Minutes
Identify your purpose & your why
Your soul journey - gain clarity & confidence
Learn to be still & listen within
Allow the Universe To Support You
How to take action & not listen to naysayers
Create a life that fills you with joy
How to move forward after loss & illness
How to create a purposeful business
How to utilize social media & heart-led marketing
Receive intuitive guidance from the oracle cards

Why Choose Me As Your Intuitive Coach & Mentor

Growing up, I always thought that I had to please others, and I never stood up for myself or my beliefs. I felt like an outsider; I felt different, like I didn’t belong. I found it challenging to find work and “settle.”

I tried several jobs, but they never felt right, and I never stayed. Considering I had this inner knowing that it wasn’t for me, and being obese made it worse, I had no confidence, and I attracted the wrong men into my life.

What changed?

I had a wake-up call in 2009, a life-saving operation, and I lost my beloved mother the same day. From that day I began to listen and trust my intuition and the Universe.

I understood that this wasn’t a punishment; instead, it made me realize how precious life is, and we should never take it for granted. We should follow our joy, and take action on our dreams and do what we love. Remember, that no one can dictate your life – only you can decide.

Trusting the Universe and my gut feeling led me to the UK, and today I love to help others who are lost, confused or need a little bit of encouragement and clarity.

Whether it’s finding your purpose, life problems or dilemmas, business, self-confidence or getting visible, I am here to guide and support you.

I know that I don’t have to tell you that you already know that you are bound to do something bigger and something that will set your soul on fire. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch:  cathbinspires@gmail.com