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You already know what to do

You already know what to do. That niggling feeling will not disappear. You can feel that something is not right. He’s not acting the way he used to. He’s constantly on his phone texting and smiling. But every time you walk into the room he quickly put his phone...
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Find a sacred space

If you ever feel lost; find a sacred space, be still and seek direction from within. ~ Cath B Akesson...
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Ibland vill man bara vara för sig själv och det är helt okej. Lite egentid är bra för din själ. ~ Cath B...
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On This Day – 10 Years Ago

24th of April 2009. Ten years ago. My life changed in a way I never could have imagined. I had a life-saving colostomy operation due to a twisted colon that was about to burst. It was caused by a mass of endometriosis. On the same day, the unthinkable happened;...
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You Are The Creator Of Your Life

Remember that YOU are the creator of your life. Get out there and make waves, be true to yourself and let go of those who cannot see nor understand your worth. You got this. ~ Cath B 💖 Angel Painting by Jolanta Krawczak...
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