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There’s no shame in letting go

There are times when you hold so tight to a relationship, job or location that it’s preventing you from moving forward. There’s no shame in letting go; sometimes it’s the most rewarding thing to do. ~ Cath B Photo and graphic by Cath B Akesson...
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Today, I’m sending you love.

Today, I am sending you love. Kärlek is love in Swedish. Love is all that is and all that we truly need. Love is energy; it’s all around us. Love is trust, caring and compassion. Love is grief, and love is letting go. Remember that love is a powerful...
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You Are A Powerful Woman

“You can do this – you are a powerful woman.” Encouraging words from the endometriosis specialist after we had our conversation about my ultrasound, MRI, biopsy, and upcoming surgery. Which was quite nice actually – he did try 🙂 Now the waiting begins and I am trying my best...
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You have always known

Honour your worth and your truth. You know, and you have always known that you cannot follow anyone else’s lead. It is not you. You are who you are. You have repeatedly had an inner knowing that you are here to make a difference. Trust your soul’s calling and...
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You Have A Soul Mission

I want you to know…that you have a soul mission. It’s emerging. Slow and steady. You have always felt different, you have repeatedly had an inner knowing that you are here to make a difference. You have searched for a long time. You have felt restless.  You have travelled...
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Ibland vill man bara vara för sig själv och det är helt okej. Lite egentid är bra för din själ. ~ Cath B...
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When It Feels Right – You Know

Whatever work that you choose or feel called to do on Earth, remember that you are not supposed to struggle or feel that you need to push yourself to the limits. It’s not what life is about. When it feels right – you know. You feel a sense of...
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Take One Small Step Each Day

Imagine, where you can be in one year if you begin now. Small baby steps each day will make a huge difference. With love, Cath B. Photo and Graphic by Cath B....
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You are so much stronger than you think you are

You are so much stronger than you think you are and don’t you agree that it’s time to think about yourself and what you want to do next? It’s your life, isn’t it? Haven’t you given enough to others? Of course, when you begin to speak your mind not...
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