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There’s no shame in letting go

There are times when you hold so tight to a relationship, job or location that it’s preventing you from moving forward. There’s no shame in letting go; sometimes it’s the most rewarding thing to do. ~ Cath B Photo and graphic by Cath B Akesson...
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You Are A Powerful Woman

“You can do this – you are a powerful woman.” Encouraging words from the endometriosis specialist after we had our conversation about my ultrasound, MRI, biopsy, and upcoming surgery. Which was quite nice actually – he did try 🙂 Now the waiting begins and I am trying my best...
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Take One Small Step Each Day

Imagine, where you can be in one year if you begin now. Small baby steps each day will make a huge difference. With love, Cath B. Photo and Graphic by Cath B....
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Sometimes you need to press the pause button, take a moment and listen to yourself. What do you want? Are you pushing yourself to the limit? There are times when we rush into something and we later realise that it wasn’t really what we wanted. Just pause and think...
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