A Star From The Source

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I used to feel lost. Always searching for something. I was restless and felt like I didn’t fit in.

 From an early age, I spoke to my Angels and my Spirit guides. I had this strange inner knowing that I was different.

 As a young child,  I told my mother that I knew I was not like other people and that my life would be different.

 I enjoyed sitting by myself in my room; daydreaming, writing stories and listen to music.

 I got my period when I was 9-years-old.

 My body became a “woman” but I was only a child.

 My period lasted for fourteen days in a row.

 Obviously, it affected my childhood and school.  

 Not until at the age of thirty-three I was diagnosed with endometriosis and was told that I could never have children.

 I had to accept it but still felt out of place and that something was missing.

 What changed?

 The 24th of April 2009 I had a life-saving colostomy operation and my beloved mother was found dead at her home.

 From that moment everything changed – and my life was never going to be the same again.

 How do you handle grief and severe illness at the same time?

 My doctor told me that my tumour was benign – but how could I feel JOY when my mother was gone?

 I had to accept my situation. I survived but my mother was gone. I had a colostomy bag on my tummy.

 My mother in Spirit helped me to be strong and fight.

 My inner guidance and my soul awakened.

 I listened.

 My soul had a lot to say and she whispered to me to take a leap. To follow my dreams.

 And so I did. I relocated to the UK.  I allowed Source and Spirit to guide me.

 Eventually, I connected with my soul mate.

 I finally identified my soul mission – to be of service, to inspire and write.

When you are no longer searching for “it” – you have embraced and identified that “it” is YOU. It’s the essence of who you are – a soul with ancient wisdom, an energy that has travelled through dimensions, a STAR from the Source.

 With love and courage,

 Cath B

Art by Jolanta Krawczak

Copyright © Catharina B Akesson 2018

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