How To Discover Your Purpose

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Many people are searching for their purpose and cannot find it, because they do not realize what it is. A purpose should not be confused with a job. Because your purpose – isn’t always something that you do for a living. Even though it is an amazing feeling when you are being able to earn a living with a purpose.

Sometimes your purpose is something you do daily in your life that you do not recognize as your purpose. So what is it? How do you identify it?

The truth is; you do not have to “look” for it. Your purpose is YOU. You are here on Earth because you are magnificent, you are special and unique. Everything that you give and share with others gives you a purpose. 

To live your life and experience joy is a purpose.

What do you think about when you wake up in the morning?

How do you feel?

Are you happy and inspired to face a new day?

This is really important. Without something to wake up for can make you feel uninspired, restless and even depressed, and mostly this is when people begin to wonder and search for “their purpose.” 

You deserve to wake up with a content feeling of being alive and happy. Just by waking up in the morning are a blessing and your purpose as well. What would the world be like if you weren’t here?

I used to search for my purpose until I realized that I have to live my life and do things that bring me joy. When I started to believe in myself and write quotes to inspire others; I began to feel a purpose. I don’t write quotes and blog to earn money; I do it because it brings me joy. 

How can you bring more joy into your life?

What do you enjoy to do? 

What do you daydream about?

Is there anything that gives you a “buzz” or something that you can’t stop talking about?

Where do your thoughts go when they wander?

If you do not have to worry about bills, loans or work; what would you do?

If you look back to when you were a child or a teenager, what did you dream about? 

I am sure you can find some hints if you think about it. Some things that you enjoyed may have a common theme?

Is there anything in your life that makes you feel calm and at peace?

Do you have something in your daily life that you can do for hours – you do not look at the time and suddenly you realize that hours have passed you by because you were occupied by something that you love to do.

Perhaps you love to bake, write, read books, being a mum or a dad, riding your motorbike, acting, work on your car, meditate, create websites, travel, give advice to others, sit in your garden, listen to the sound of nature, knitting, taking pictures, create designs, paint, work out…

I am sure you think about something right now.

Don’t dismiss your thoughts.

They are signals from within; from your soul.

Begin to do what you love and live your life right now.

Your whole existence is your purpose and a blessing.

With love, Cath B

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