Not all tarot readers are mediums

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There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding in the world regarding what a tarot reader is. Many people believe that someone who reads the tarot cards is a medium. That is not always the case; of course, there are tarot readers with abilities to tune into the spiritual world and can see and hear spirits.

However, many tarot readers have learned their skills by studying very hard and taking classes, attended workshops and they have learned to interpret their cards and can understand the meaning just by looking at the images. Tarot readers are highly intuitive and most of them are psychic. But being a tarot reader does not always mean that they are predicting the future.

And not all of them are mediums…

A medium is a person who is receptive to spirits and their dimension. A medium can hear or see spirits and some can also communicate with them. A medium can give you messages from your loved ones that have passed away, and there are different kinds of mediums, not all of them are the same.

Now you are wondering – “how can a tarot reader be psychic if they are not mediums?”

Because being “psychic” has several meanings. There are plenty of different psychics and not all of them are alike. When you have a psychic ability you use your sixth sense. Everybody knows that we have the five senses – our eyes to see, our ears to hear, our mouth to taste, our nose to smell and our hands to touch.

However, people who are psychic use the sixth sense too. That is the sense that cannot be seen nor touched. That is why many people and scientists are sceptical about it. Because if you haven’t seen it “how can you know it exists?”

This is where your intuition and your gut feeling come in. And it’s a part of being psychic, sometimes you just know things, and you cannot describe why. You have a hunch of something, and sometimes you have thought about a person and the next thing that happens is that they call you on the phone, or you bump into them. For me, it feels natural and I do not need an explanation for everything, and why I sometimes just “sense” and “know” things.

There are many old myths about the tarot, but to read the tarot is neither weird nor evil. They are just a tool to help us discover our true potential, our different choices and our possibilities that we have not as of yet discovered. Can they predict the future? I don’t believe they can. Tarot cards can show you different directions and outcomes, but it is your own free will and your choices that shape your destiny.

Good luck on your tarot journey ♥ ~ Cath

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