Spiritual Signs

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Spiritual signs are all around you. Open your heart and your soul to believe as well as receive. ~ Cath B Akesson

Have you noticed particular signs lately? The same numbers show up at random places – perhaps 333, 888, 1111, 222?

Maybe you hear a song that reminds you of someone special?

You are out for a stroll in the park and you think about your late mother.

You turn a corner and there in front of you – a robin is sitting on the fence.

It sings when you walk towards it. You look into its eyes and you feel a strong connection.

You are filled with so much love within you, and you just know that your late mother is watching over you.

Or you sit in your car and your thoughts wander…and you ask yourself: “- Am I on the right path?” and the next thing you notice is the car in front of you, and you get goosebumps when you read the car registration – it says YES.

Why is this happening?

You are experiencing a spiritual awakening. You begin to notice synchronicity.

Spirit knows that you are open to receive their guidance.

Do not be afraid. It’s happening because your soul is evolving and you are ready for a change.

Embrace the signs and be curious about your life.

Ask questions and do not settle for less.

You are far greater than you can imagine.

With love,

Cath B.

Quote created and written by Cath B April 8 2013.



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