The Universe Works FOR Us – Not Against Us

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I had plans for 2019.

We had worked hard for months planning our new adventure.

Everything made sense. It all fell into place.

We got new premises and I was so excited.

I got a new job because relocating and starting a new business demands a financial back-up.

Then suddenly…

…the Universe started to “work” against us.

My job got delayed. For some reason, they didn’t have their finances in order.

I was promised it was gonna get sorted.

So I waited and waited.

Then our premises fell through.

We were promised over and over it will get rectified.

The company I was gonna work for got back to me and said that the finances were finally in order, but they needed references.

I explained to them that my references had already been completed and sent back to the company.

I understand how the Universe works and I am aware that the Universe doesn’t do this TO us – it’s FOR us.

While being in the “waiting room,” I noticed that I wasn’t feeling well.

I eventually got an appointment with my GP who referred me to the hospital.

I went for an ultrasound.

It’s been revealed that my pain is caused by a large cyst and three fibroids in my uterus.

– You need surgery she said.

– I will book you in for a consultation and we will take it from there.

I totally get it now.

Delays. Roadblocks. Obstacles.

The Universe wants us to pause.

The timing is not right.

With love,

Cath B








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