When It Feels Right – You Know

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Whatever work that you choose or feel called to do on Earth, remember that you are not supposed to struggle or feel that you need to push yourself to the limits.

It’s not what life is about. When it feels right – you know. You feel a sense of contentment and joy. You enjoy waking up in the morning and face your day.  

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not always a bed of roses when you do your soul work. Sometimes it will feel tough and you might feel tired. That is okay – you work with energy and sometimes you need to recharge your body and press the pause button.

Allow yourself a break.

Life will always bring you hurdles – that is how you learn and grow.

The work that you do on Earth is sacred and unique to you.

No one else can do it the way that you can.

With love, Cath B

Photo by Cath B Akesson.

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