You already know what to do

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You already know what

to do.

That niggling feeling

will not disappear.

You can feel that

something is not right.

He’s not acting the way

he used to.

He’s constantly on his phone

texting and smiling.

But every time you walk into the room

he quickly put his phone down.

He sneaks out late at night

or in the early mornings.

He doesn’t tell

you where he is.

He never picks up his phone

when you try to get hold of him.

He is avoiding

to answer any questions

regarding his withdrawal

or where you are headed as a couple.

Deep within, you are aware of

that he is not interested

to be in this relationship, nor to

build a future with you.

Trust your gut

as well as your heart.

I understand,

it’s not easy to

confront or to walk away,

but there comes a day

when you can not

play this role anymore.

It is not you,

and you already

know it.

With love,

Cath B.



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