A necessary break

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I took some time off social media and my blog because sometimes life happens, and you need to focus on what truly matters, which is your health and your loved ones.

My health has been a significant issue for me, and it still is. Living with severe illness and waiting for consultations at the hospital can be extremely stressful and tiring. Last Tuesday, I had my latest meeting with the doctor in the clinic, and it has given me some things to consider. My case is complicated and risky, and I would need to go through three operations. I would most likely end up with a nonfunctioning bladder and bowel.

My doctor looked at me and said: -You need to think about how you would like to live your life. It will be permanent and do you want to live like that, or can you live with the pain that you are struggling with now?

Decisions. I will see the doctor in three months and during this time I will consider my options.

Also, my lovely dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had been undergoing treatment for the last three months. My partner and I visited him in Sweden at Christmas, and thank God he was in good spirit. It does make you think – what is essential? What is truly important?

Yes, I have decisions to make; however, I am still me. My illness will not define me nor stop me from doing what I love to do – which is to continue to inspire, coach, write and guide others. I trust in the Universe and advise you to do the same. All is well, and you are where you need to be at this moment.

I have learned that in stillness, your answers will emerge. They are within you. Trust, because the source is listening and ready to fulfil your desires.

With love,

Cath B

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