As of today, take a step forward and create a new chapter. ~ Cath B

 I’m Cath B, and I’m originally from Sweden. I genuinely believe that you can follow your dreams and do anything that makes you happy. I used to feel lost, without any clarity nor direction. I didn’t love myself because I was obese, and it felt like I didn’t fit in. I couldn’t keep a job, wasn’t happy in my hometown or country.  It took me a long time to understand that the purpose of life is to live in the NOW, and to do what you love. I couldn’t rely on anyone else to make me happy; only I could make a difference and transform my life. 

My transformation began on the 24th of April 2009. I had a life-saving colostomy operation (caused by Endometriosis and a twisted colon), and on the same day, the unthinkable happened; my beloved Mother was found dead. From that moment, everything changed, and the woman that I used to be disappeared. During my recovery and grief, I identified my inner source, which provided me with enormous gratitude, love and courage. With this wisdom, I decided to listen to my intuition and relocate to the UK. Leaping into the unknown was a tremendous challenge but also the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I turned my trials and tribulations into opportunities, and I know that you can do the same. 

Through my own life experience of loss, illness, rejection and healing, I have gained courage, wisdom and strength. Discovering my own voice and sharing my words of inspiration, and learned lessons to those seeking a more purposeful life.


Through Cath B Mentoring you will find the answers by getting guidance and pointing you in the right direction. I provide you with a good understanding of where you are going, and how you are going to get there. A session with me is a safe place for you to be yourself, and together we create a solid foundation to help you to move forward.

Intuitive Guidance

Sometimes you are working against your own growth due to a lack of confidence, doubts and old habits. You stay in a job that drains your soul. You are afraid that you will fail if you start your own business. You are unhappy in your relationship. I've been there, and I know how difficult and scary it can be to let go.

Heart-Led Marketing

I can help you to develop your business, engage with new customers, establish your brand, introduce a new product or service and improve customer loyalty with a heart-led strategy. I truly believe that what you have to offer is special and unique. You came into this world with an idea, and it is now time to share it with the world.

Female Start-Up Session

Having a great idea is a good starting point. The first thing to do is to get your thoughts together and write a plan or a vision statement. How will you promote your business? Do you need a website? How will you fund your business? Will you get a part-time job to support your start-up? Do you know your market? How will your business generate an income? Let me support you through the process.

How Can I Help You?

I would be pleased to receive your enquiry or discuss any services, feedback, collaborations, promotions etc.

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When my mother died, it felt like something was missing inside of me, that I had lost a part of my body and my soul, and I felt a deep hole within my heart.

The Source

Within you is the Source, the essence of your existence and the answers to all your questions. Cath B Akesson Originally written 1st of March 2013 Image: Isle of Mull – Pixabay

After illness or loss, your life has changed, and you are no longer the same. You feel lost and misunderstood. People and places you used to visit and enjoy being around have shifted. Please

You have outgrown the old, and you can feel that it’s time to let go and embrace your new journey. ~ Cath B Akesson

Kind Words

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Thank you, you inspire me more than you’ll ever know. When I’m feeling down I read a lot of your quotes and they help me to keep my head up and keep moving on in a positive light. Thanks again for all you do, you’re a strong and inspirational woman who other women look up to, I know I do. Love and Blessings from the Heart.
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I had an amazing reading with Cath! She told me things that my father used to say to me word for word!! It gave me shivers!! And to have such a reading for such a good price is amazing. Shows your passion Cath. Thank you. She also told me things that I’ve been feeling.. no one knows!! I hope you will get more recognition Cath.
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Oh Cath, you choked me up as you are so accurate with everything you said. I have already decided that I want to move from where I am both in my life and where I live. To move and leave a lot behind is exactly what I want to do. I am so happy with your reading even if it did make me choke up. Thank you so much.
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Donna B ,

Cath encouraged me to believe in myself and my abilities, and today I am living proof that if you seek support from Cath B your experience can only be a positive one all you have to do is take the first step. Thank you, Cath for your professional outlook, knowledge and positive support in helping me be seen.
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Alex , Indinet

I have known Cath in a professional capacity for over 5 years. In the past 3 years we have used Cath quite a lot for support, and administration on a range of projects. Projects range from customer support, marketing support, web, social media and digital media – basically we see Cath as a safe pair of hands.
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Cath is amazingly intuitive! Every reading I get from her is spot on! She is so compassionate with her writing, especially with delicate subjects. She is so tuned into the universe, I know she is getting her messages from a Higher Source. I trust her to read for me and I highly recommend her to everyone. I am a repeat customer, she never disappoints with getting messages from Spirit to me. Thank you for your services, Cath!