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There’s no shame in letting go

There are times when you hold so tight to a relationship, job or location that it’s preventing you from moving forward. There’s no shame in letting go; sometimes it’s the most rewarding thing to do. ~ Cath B Photo and graphic by Cath B Akesson...
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Today, I’m sending you love.

Today, I am sending you love. K√§rlek is love in Swedish. Love is all that is and all that we truly need. Love is energy; it’s all around us. Love is trust, caring and compassion. Love is grief, and love is letting go. Remember that love is a powerful...
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Today, I’m sending you courage.

Today, I am sending you courage. I trust you will find the strength to overcome any difficulties you’re facing today. Remember, you are more capable than you think. With love, Cath B Art “Courage” by Mika Harmony www.mikaharmony.com...
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A chemical menopause

Sometimes all you need is to sit on a bench, in a park and watch the birds. Today, that was what my body and soul craved. Because I am 47-years-old, and my body is crashing into menopause. I’m getting a GnRH injection every month (a type of drug which...
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Focus on your process

A gentle reminder; Focus on your process, and not what other people are doing. I can guarantee that you will feel more relaxed, and at peace when you let go of the competition and the rat race. Besides, it’s not worth your time and energy. You’ve got better things...
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You are a phenomenal woman

A little reminder; you are a phenomenal woman, and you can do anything. I didn’t always think that I could do anything, I had low self-esteem, was obese, and people kept on reminding me how worthless I was, and that I would never succeed. -“You will never get a...
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The first cup of coffee in the morning is pure bliss

The morning is the time of the day when I slow down and listen within. I refuse to let the rest of the day overwhelm me and my thoughts. It isn’t easy sometimes, but we have to remind ourselves that it’s essential to look after ourselves and our well-being....
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Endometriosis – “But You Don’t Look Sick”

-But you don’t look sick is a common phrase for women with an invisible illness. What you don’t see underneath her smile is her pain, her sleepless nights, her hospital visits, operations and scars. You don’t see her when she struggles to get out of bed or when she...
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Trust your intuitive calling

Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one – your soul journey will challenge you, scare you and test your limits. Nevertheless, I can promise you that it will be worth it. It took me almost six months to decide if I was going to take a leap...
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