You Are Here For A Reason

There is no telling what you can accomplish when you connect with your soul and take inspired action.

Hello, I am Cath B - a spiritual mentor and intuitive.

Sometimes you are working against your own growth due to lack of confidence, doubts and old habits. You stay in a job that you are not happy with. You are afraid that you will fail if you start your own business. You feel alone or disconnected and do not know how to love yourself, or how to identify your passion and purpose. I’ve been there, and I know how you feel. I always felt that I had to please others. I never stood up for myself or what I believe in and I thought that I would become happy if I just lost weight or met a man – always been told to stop dreaming and get myself a “proper” job. Well, it didn’t work, and it wasn’t until I had a life-saving operation, and lost my beloved mother the same day, that I finally woke up and started to live life on my terms. If I can do it; so can you.

Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring

Do you have an inner knowing that you are here for a reason? You can feel within your soul that you are here to make a difference. You have always struggled to fit in, and to find your place in the world. People around you tell you to get yourself a proper job and settle. But you can feel that you are bound to do something else.

WomanPreneur Coaching & Mentoring

This is for you who are already in business, or who are taking a leap of faith and are considering starting. Running your own business can sometimes be a bit lonely. If you are struggling or feeling overwhelmed, a session is a safe place for you to be yourself, and together we create a solid foundation to move you and your business forward.

SoulBiz Marketing

Today’s world is different and you have the ability to create opportunities and connect with “your” people globally. The opportunities are endless, and you can grow and thrive online. You will learn techniques on how to get yourself seen on social media as well as how to inspire, educate and entertain your following.

How Can I Help You?

“I want you to know that as of today; do not look back nor feel any regrets. Because regardless of the obstacles, or the circumstances that you have faced; they have led you to this particular moment. They were necessary for your growth, and for seeing things from a different perspective. Accept what has happened and embrace your new beginning. You now have a fantastic chance to start over. ” Are You Ready To Get Started? Send me an email:


Kind words from a lovely lady.


Cath encouraged me to believe in myself and my abilities, and today I am living proof that if you seek support from Cath B your experience can only be a positive one all you have to do is take the first step. Thank you, Cath for your professional outlook, knowledge and positive support in helping me be seen. ~ Donna B