You can be a Lightworker and shine your light in any profession you choose to be in

I’m enjoying a blissful Sunday at home. Drinking a cup of cappuccino, thinking, writing and pulling cards. I just pulled a card from “Work your light” oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell – “You are already doing it. Stop overthinking where you are going or how you will get there.”

Pretty accurate regarding my own life. Reason being that my plans, as well as my health, have changed tremendously this year, but I know it’s for my highest good and purpose.  I have realised many things and one fact I have learned is that you cannot rush nor control the outcome, and sometimes the Universe has got a different plan. I have spent plenty of time in stillness, I have listened to Spirit as well as my soul and it has definitely changed my perspective. 

After four months of waiting for test results and doctor appointments, I decided that I want to go back to work as an employee, earn an income, be out and about and meet people. 

In January 2018 I left my job as a hotel receptionist and became self-employed, but when you are working for yourself you are not really protected if something happens, and if you are not earning enough money to support yourself you have to rethink your strategy. I am not ashamed to admit that I haven’t really had a proper business. I’ve been self-employed but being in business basically means that you sell goods and services for profit and I haven’t done that. 

It’s okay. Just because we are Lightworkers doesn’t mean that all of us are going to start our own businesses. 

You can be a Lightworker and shine your light in any profession you choose to be in. 

Another thing is that I didn’t want to make the same mistake that I did ten years ago. I was in between jobs and I wasn’t in a rush to find a new one. Without a warning, I became seriously ill and was admitted into the hospital and had a lifesaving operation. It took me a year to recover. We never really consider that the unthinkable may happen to us and that we will be unable to work. If it hadn’t been for my lovely GP in Copenhagen I would have lost my home as well, she helped me to sort out my sick pay so that I could pay my bills and focus on my recovery. 

So at the end of May this year, I began looking for a job and I truly believe that the Universe arranged it for me. I got a job at the hospital where the endometriosis clinic is located, as well as the specialist I’m going to see regarding my further treatment…so as of today; I take each day as it comes, I live in the now and I trust that the Universe has my back.  

With love,

Cath B

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  1. Bloody amazing and truly inspirational I needed to hear this today thank you Cath x

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