You Have A Soul Mission

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I want you to know…that you have a soul mission.

It’s emerging. Slow and steady.

You have always felt different, you have repeatedly had an inner knowing that you are here to make a difference.

You have searched for a long time.

You have felt restless. 

You have travelled to other countries, cities and past lives. 

You have had doubts.

You have taken some wrong turns.

Nevertheless, they were all part of your soul journey.

To become who you are today.

Your soul mission cannot be found in the external world

because it lives and evolves within you.

You already are everything that you wish to be.

You are here to lead, to heal and to guide.

You just need to believe it.

It’s your time to become a beacon of light for those in their awakening phase.

Know that you can go above and beyond any obstacle or fear.

You are ready to conquer the world.

With love,

Cath B
Originally written 28th of February 2019.
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